migrate SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008

hi all, I’m using microsoft dynamic NAV 4 SP 3& SQL Server 2000

if I want to migrate to SQL Server 2008, what point must i concerned about?

i certainly hope not to be crashed or error on my NAV application

thanks about your sharing :slight_smile:

The most important thing is to use the most recent build of your NAV version to make sure it is supported to run with SQL 2008.

If you are just migrating a “normal” NAV database, then it is basically “detach DB 2000 - copy to SQL 2008 - attach DB 2008” - then adjust config (Compatibility Mode!, Page Verify = CHECKSUM), implement maintenance etc…

After migrating a database FROM SQL Server 2000 you should run a DBCC UPDATEUSAGE after attaching the DB to the new server.

If you are using your own procedures etc. you have to make sure the TSQL is still supported in SQL 2008 - some commands were disabled/removed (e.g. DBCC PINTABLE).

Regarding performance: The engine of SQL 2008 is much more powerful than anything before, creating very good & fast execution plans! If you could use Enterprise Edition you could benefit from a lot of VERY COOL features (like DATA COMPRESSION, etc.).
Theoretically there is a - small - chance that few queries perform worse than before, but this could usually be fixed easily.

So, good luck for your migrations!


Just a followup question for the SQL Expert: Are there any compatibility problems with Microsoft Navision 4.0 SP3 and SQL Server 2008?

If you are using a recent NAV 4.0 SP3 Version (e.g. Update 6 or higher) it should work fine. I have several customers running technically NAV 4.0 SP3+ on SQL 2008 without any problems. Also MS officially supports NAV 4.0SP3+ on Win2008/SQL2008.

I.m using Nav 4 SP 3 too

i have already test it on local database

and it works without problems

thanks for the share Jörg A. Stryk :slight_smile:


After upgrading to MSSQL2008 (64 bit) with NAV 4sp3 (latest build) would you recommend setting the Compability Level up to 100 on the database or leaving it as it was?

Ie. Would NAV have a problem if it was bumped up? Are there any advantages in doing this?

Regards, Gareth.