support for sql2008

is sql2008 supported yet

if so, which version of executables is required

we have a client on 4.0 sp2 executables, 3.01b objects, native database

they wish to go to sql

they do not want to change the objects, just upgrade the executables and use sql

sql2005 if necessary, sql 2008 desired

thank you for your assistance

Only Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 and NAV 5.X will be supported in SQL Server 2008. Check


NAV 5.0 SP1 with Platform Rollup 956161 supports SQL2008


That platform rollup is for Windows Server 2008 not SQL 2008

You are quite right [:$] My mistake.

There is a white paper on Partnersource stating that NAV 5.0 works on SQL 2008, so I guess we must consider this as a statement.

This said there is nothing that says that a version older then 5.0 does not work on SQL 2008…

The simple fact is the Microsoft has no intention of testing old versions (with the possible exception of 4.0 SP3) on SQL 2008 (or Windows 2008). So they will not be making any commitments as to whether they run nor would they be supporting those configurations. My understanding is that they only test on platforms that are under current lifecycle support. That means they would test NAV 2009 on SQL 2008 and SQL 2005. But not on SQL 2000.

Well since 3.70 wont run on 2005 it would be logical to assume that it wont run on 2008 either right?

On that topic, does anyone run 3.70 live on SQL 2005? I know i can be made to work (I run 3.70 DBs locally on SQL 2005 so that I don’t need to install 2000) but is this something we would want to do live?

I think I had one run live in NZ. 3.7 SQL2K5 Just a case of the sessions view if i remember correctly, need to cast an int and all is good… If I remember we told them we could make it work, but did not recommend it, they decided to go for it anyways. T

Don’t forget SQL databases can be run in compatibility mode for pervious SQL versions too. I myself wouldn’t be inclined to use it, but it may be a benifit to somebody out there. If it were me, I’d do loads of testing…