Microsoft AXAPTA

Dear All,

I am Deval Faldu working for an advisory firm. I doing a research for a new client who is re-implementation Microsoft AXAPTA after a failed implementation. Can any one help me get the following document relevant to Microsoft AXAPTA???

  1. User Definition Requirement
  2. Test Scripts
  3. Set Ups.

My boss is looking for the names specific for the above document. I have been looking for it since two weeks. I also need to talk to some one who has worked on AXAPTA implementation. Please Help!!!

Hi Deval, I am Fabricio. I am currently working implementing DAX (Dynamics Ax) former Axapta for a textile company. I am specialized in the manufacturing area.

Regarding Test scripts I can say that you won’t find any since MS don’t provide this. What you can find from them in partner source is a set of end to end scenarios which are business process flows.

Let me know if you have other questions.

It would be interesting for me to know why the first implementation failed.



Hey Fabrico,

Thanks for replying. My client is a discrete manufacturing company. What I really need is the names of the documents which are specific to AXAPTA for the starters. If you can provide me with that then I would be really grateful.