Michaël Palisse introduction

Hi everybody !

Hi everybody !

Glad to find this forum where I hope I’ll be able to express myself and to learn more about AX !

I’m 22, studying finance and IT technologies in Lyon, France, since 2005. I’ve been working one year with SAP B1 first, as a project coordinator in a small business (100 employees), I was preparing the transition and giving the requirements and specific needs to the installer I was working with.

Then I found an intership in Brussels this year in a water treatment company working with Dynamics AX 4.0 where I’m in charge of auditing the global process, architecture and try and solve all the other problems I can (they do have a lot of problems). The particular context is that the mother company (we’re just a subsidiary) keeps all the development rights and I can’t do any modification before discussing it with the IT service which is located in Austria.So I am just a technical link with a suggestion power, between local users and developpers.

I’m not a development specialist because I’m not really a “geek” originally, just coming to it more and more everyday because it’s what I want to do next year at the end of my studies. But my technical knowledge will never be as high as any other member here I guess. I’m just looking for explainations about AX, and I’ll bring my answers to what I can !

Hi Michaël,

Welcome to the user group and thank you for your introduction. I’ll hope that you find what you’re looking for here on the Dynamics User Group.