Logo Competion

Dear members,

Currently the site is using the default logo from the Community Server - the man within the tree. A very good logo, but not unique for our user group:

There I would like to hear if any of our many members have an idea for a new logo to the user group.

The main request is that it should be of a similar size as the tree and of cause look good here. But we should also be able to use in a smaller version, ex. for use with link-banners. Also if you have a good idea to a banner, that would be appricated also.

I’ve not come up with an idea to what the winner would get for doing this, but I’m sure I will promise to make you one of my favorite members! [;)]

Just wanted to mention Timo here, [:D]

Anyway, this is what we need:

Main Logo 98 x 121
This would go on every page, and would be the theme of Dynamics Users

Banner : 468 x 60
This is a google sized banner and can be used for advertising or general placement where a graphic is used to link to dynamicsusers.org but may contain some info about the site etc.

Button : 88 x 31
(I thought it was 27 height, but Timo is probably right)
The button is used to place next to descriptive text about the site. In links pages etc.

FAVICON : 16 x 16
This is the little icon you see inthe adress bar of your browser, or in bookmarks etc. Its very iportant, because when browsing book marks it makes it very easy to find the correct one.

I guess there is more. What have we missed?

Well, It is the Dynamics Logo after all

Very good - but I think it is too close to Microsoft’s own Dynamics logo!

Yes I agree with Erik,

if you look at it at just the right angle, and squint a little, and try hard you can sort of see a slight similarity to the Microsoft Dynamics Logo. I am pretty sure that 99% of people wont see the similarity, but that 1% may cause some problems. [:O]

I love the colors, though [:D]

You think they’d really mind? How about the Tree thingy using the Dynamics Colors [:D]

5 Products into 1…hmmmm

Note: I keep getting an editing message “Time Has Expired” and it won’t let you edit your own post.

Any Way You can Change Colors


or Add text


Very nice [:P]

If its going to be a competetion, then it no use submiting your ideas now. You need to keep them quiet untill the submissions open.

Logically everyone would email their suggestions to Erik by a certain date. He would create a page like www.dynamicsuser.org/logocompetition.htm and on that would be all the submissions with a number, then run a pole and vote for your favurite. … something like that anyway.

I’m sure it’s just a friendly competition… I’ll throw some out there - see what sticks.


Between my mac & my pc - I have 1000’s of font’s if you need a particular style let me know

Sample: http://www.geocities.com/navision_attain/Coolfonts.jpg

Of cause it’s just a friendly competition - since we have no big prices then I think this is a very good method. Otherwise I would never have commented it either!

But let me come with some additional directions toward what I’m looking for also then: please think small (logo must be reconizable as the small icon), simple (no text should be part of the logo - maybe DUG).

I guess this is my Friday afternoon fun spot. I keep holding onto that “5 products slowly becoming one” thought. Rough Draft #1

Well not bad! Not bad at all, now I think we are getting somewhere… Just think that it must be usable as a small logo also!

I like that one Harry. It could possibly be tightened up a bit (shorter arrows, closer together, les pronounced arrowhead perhaps) but I like the thought behind it.

How small are you talking?

I can add a smiley w/ sunglasses

Any suggestions welcome ( I see My Avatar is the other now…What to do on fridays :slight_smile:

Another entry…very rough draft - it needs to cleaned up a bit. but here goes

note these can be shrunk to any size - so don’t worry too much about the size

ok tightened up - lost the arrows (even thought once I arranged the cirlces better the arrows looked better. anyway this one is overlap with sunburst center - black background - note size doesn’t matter, it can be shrunk…ok that’s it for Friday - have a good weekend everyone. All these were done in MS Word by the way.

I must say I like it more and more! Then we could even add a photo of me in the middle! NOT! [;)]