"ITaxDocumentLine not initialized" when posting invoice journal

AX 2012 R3 CU12 with GSTenvironment i am posting invoice journal we are getting below error

ITaxDocumentLine object not initialized.

Stack trace

(S)\Classes\LedgerJournalTransUpdate\getNonRecoverableTaxAmountCurListFromGTE - line 32
(S)\Classes\LedgerJournalTransUpdate\postNonReoverableTax - line 46
(S)\Classes\LedgerJournalTransUpdateLedger\updateNow - line 383
(S)\Classes\LedgerJournalCheckPost\postTrans - line 269
(S)\Classes\LedgerJournalCheckPost\postJournal - line 961
(S)\Classes\LedgerJournalCheckPost\run - line 158
(S)\Classes\LedgerJournalPost\post - line 148
(C)\Classes\LedgerJournalPost\main - line 26
(C)\Forms\LedgerJournalTransCustPaym\Designs\DesignList\PostJournal\Methods\Clicked - line 13

taxDocumentLineObject = taxDocumentObject.findLineBySource(_ledgerJournalTrans.TableId, _ledgerJournalTrans.RecId);
This line of code is unable to create the object of ITaxDocumentLine.
You have to debug and see why it is unable to do that?


thanks for the immediate respond,can i know the which class this method having ?


Hi Hareesh,

I am also getting same error. how you solved the problem.


Dear Kumar,

Microsoft released the new patch for this. pls update that patch.


Can we get the patch Id and link to download it?

Though the current solution could be

  1. Open tax document

  2. Click Recalculate button

Then try to post the journal.