Inventory by warehouse


I need to pull out the inventory by Warehouse from Navision 3.7 using C/ODBC, but can’t seem to find it in any of the tables I’ve been digging through. I can find a Quantity on Hand field in the Item table, but I need by Warehouse and Lot Code.

At this point, I’m assuming I have to calculate the Inventory from one of the ledger or journal tables, but I’m not sure where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Have a look at table 32 “Item Ledger Entry”.

First - if you have access to Table Designer you can see how NAV calculates the Inventory field and then apply that rule to any data extract.

Second - you can apply the Location Filter in most reports about Inventory in NAV.

Third - SUM Quantity in Item Ledger Entry, filter by Item No. and Location.

Thank you, I just implemented babrown’s suggestion yesterday - your third option. Seems to be working well.

I don’t have NAV available, just the C/ODBC connection, but I can talk to someone who can access the Table Designer and make sure. Thanks again for the suggestion.

And, babrown, thank you very much for the guidance.