Where are the cost fields for the item ledger

I am doing some research on inventory costs and am doing it directly from SQL. When I look at the Item Ledger Entry table in the Object Designer it gives a few cost fields. However on the SQL side there is no cost fields in the Item Ledger Table. Is there are link to another table here? If so, which one. [8D] Thanks and Best Regards! Terry

Hi Terry, Many of these fields are Navision flowfields and you will not find these in the SQL server table as they are calculated on the fly by Navision. An example of this is the field “cost amount actual” which is a flowfield with the following properties Sum(“Value Entry”.“Cost Amount (Actual)” WHERE (Item Ledger Entry No.=FIELD(Entry No.))) If you did want to access these through SQL (with e.g. external report writer or web application server), the easiest way would probably be to translate the above properties into a SQL view and then to access that view with the external tool. The properties of the field inside the Navision object designer should tell you how the flowfield is calculated which in turn should help you to translate into a SQL statement. We use this method with great success for our own built customer portal site. Hope this helps Meint