Inventory Balance

Dear all, I am the end user of the Navision product and nowadays I face a problem with my Inventory Balance in G/L. In General Posting Setup - field Inventory Adjustment Account - I put the Inventory Movement Account (let say the account no. is 11500) I have several Location code included the Transit Warehouse Code ( few of it are coded by X and Y - let say the transit warehouse code is Z ) I create a transfer order transaction from location X to location Y with the location transit Z. After I post the Shipment and the Receive from that transaction, that should be some entries created in the Item Ledger Entries and the General Ledger Entries. The question are : Should the amount in Item Ledger Entries or General Ledger Entries be the same between the posted Shipment and posted Receive ? How. if the amount was not the same between the posted Shipment and posted Receive either in the Item Ledger Entries nor General Ledger Entries ? Hope that somebody would help me to solve this problem soon. And thanks for all your kindly attention and help. Regards, Grace Vin I used the Inventory Movement account in G/L to become a transit account when I used the Transfer Order’s transaction in Inventory module. The cronology of the transaction are as below : First I create the transaction of Transfer Order in Inventory Module Then I post shipment for that Transfer Order’s transaction ( It should be create a journal in G/L

Did you ever find a solution to this question?

Hey Grace,

The amount that shows on the item ledger should be the same. The net change on the G/L should be 0 for transfer orders. What version of Navision are you using?

  1. Is it possible that someone used item charge to allocate additional cost to the transfer?
  2. Were there any customizations to the transfer posting from your NSC?
  3. Did you analyze the numbers after you ran the Adjust Cost - Item Entries process?

Any chance you are average costing by location?