Importing Products using Excel


I am using excel “add tables” functionality to import Products data into AX 2012.

I am importing the following tables, in sequence:

  1. EcoResProduct

  2. EcoResProductIdentifier

  3. EcoResDistinctProduct

  4. EcoResProductTranslation - for product names

  5. InventTable

  6. InventItemGroupItem -for the association with an item group

  7. InventModelGroupItem -for the association with an item model group

  8. InventTableModule -for the association with purchase, sales, and inventory units

  9. EcoResStorageDimensionGroupItem - for the association with a Storage dimension group

  10. EcoResTrackingDimensionGroupItem- for the association with a Tracking dimension group

everything is publish just fine, however the last two tables; EcoResStorageDimensionGroupItem and EcoResTrackingDimensionGroupItem, give the following unexplainable error: " Document Generic document could not be updated. Error details: " nothing more.

how should i get around this error in order to import item associations with storage and tracking dimensions?



Please follow the following tables

  1. EcoResProduct

  2. EcoResProductTranslation

  3. EcoResProductIdentifier

  4. EcoResProductDimensionGroupProduct-------------------à If Product Master

  5. EcoResStorageDimensionGroupProduct

  6. EcoResTrackingDimensionGroupProduct

  7. InventTable --------------------------------------------------------à Release Product

  8. InventItemGroupItem

  9. InventModelGroupItem

  10. InventTableModule ---------------------------------------------à Unit of Measure

  11. EcoResColor

  12. EcoResProductMasterColor

  13. EcoResSize

  14. EcoResProductMasterSize

  15. EcoResConfiguration

  16. EcoResProductMasterConfiguration

  17. EcoResProductVariantColor

  18. EcoResProductVariantSize

  19. EcoResProductVariantConfiguration

  20. EcoResDistinctProductProductVariant -------------------------------à Item Dimension Combinations

  21. InventItemSetupSupplyType ----------------------------------------à Optional

  22. ecoresproductcategory

Warm Regards


Hi, I am importing “released products” in AX 2012. Does the above list all apply? Also, how can I use the excel add-in to import the files? Is there a blog or technet reference as I am relatively new to importing data using Excel in AX. Thanks

Hello Patrick,

i ended up using the Data Migration Framework tool by Microsoft. it worked like charm.

however make sure to test it on your test server first because its still in Beta.

after you;re done with it on the production server, remove the tool.



Hi Rola, thank you for your feedback. Appreciate it. That’s what I am moving toward. Since we are importing the items into “released product”, i am wondering which sample demo file that you referred to? There are product_basic and product_enum and there is nothing there for item (released product). Appreciate if you could clarify. Thanks a lot.

Actually the demo files for product are “ProductEntity_DimensionGroups”, “ProductEntity_PurchaseSalesInvent” . Do I need to generate a new source as I am importing into “Released Product”?

Hello Patrick,

when i imported products i made my own source file and built it based on test data provided by the customer. this is a better practice because the data of the customer might include some characters or information that can be incompatible, so you have to test for those using customer dummy data.

if you want to test on the contoso environment, i think you need to import both demo source files.

Hi Rola,

Haven’t you faced any problem with the default order setting when you imported your product list using Data Migration Framework?

Did you manage to import color dimension to your product also “color or size”?