Import table problem on MSSQL Server 2005


Recently, we have migrated Navision SQL Server database to a new server. Server has MSSQL Server 2005 installed, while on “old” server MSSQL Server 2003 was used. Since that moment, we have problem with importing and creating TABLE objects in that database.

The following error occurs:


To create tables (or other objects) on SQL Server - which you do when importing tables via FOB - you have to have sufficient user rights on SQL Server site; just the NAV role SUPER is not enough.

Maybe you could assign the role db_owner - and if that’s not enough sysadmin - to the used login; this should work - please try!

This problem does not occur with other NAV objects as Forms, Reports, etc. as these are no real SQL Server objects, actually it’s just records in the Object table …

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SQL 2005 Books Online has an article titled “Behavior Changes to Database Engine Features in SQL Server 2005.” In this article, you can find the following:

Granting ALL permission on objects and statements has been deprecated. When GRANT ALL is executed, the following occurs:

  • The command succeeds, but only permissions grantable in SQL Server 2000 are granted to the user.

  • You receive the following message: “The ALL permission is deprecated and maintained only for compatibility. It DOES NOT imply ALL permissions defined on the entity.”

SQL Server 2005 provides additional permissions at various scopes that can be used to manage user permissions. For example, the CONTROL permission can be used to grant ownership-like permissions on an object.

Is is possible that you do not have the latest client version, with the necessary SQL2005 compatibility fixes?