Migrating Navision 3.1 to SQL 2005


We are currently running Navision 3.1 against a Windows 2000 server running SQL 8.0. We are upgrading the server hardware and would like to upgrade to SQL 2005 at the same time. The new server is a 64bit machine running Windows 2003.

I would like to avoid visiting the desktops at this time to update the Nav clients to a newer (5.0) version, and I’m hoping there is way to make this work.

When I try to create a new database using the 3.1 client, I get the error message:

“The ALL permission is deprecated and maintained only for compatibility….”. SQL does create the database files, but they are removed when I click OK in response to the Navision error message?

Any help or ideas appreciated!



Version 3.1 is not supported on SQL Server 2005. You will need to upgrade your exe’s to at least 4.0 SP1, and it is recommended to go all the way up to 4.0 SP3, and apply update 6 to it.

Daniel was referring client upgrade, you can maintain objects from NAV 3.1.

Hi Nuno, Your saying my 3.1 objects do not have to change, but I have to upgrade the client application on each machine to the latest version? Regards,

Yes, must upgrade in all workstations.

Try this link, it explains what is involved: