How to use Word Templates in Navision

I use central template to create a word document in Navision. After merge this document is worked by a user. This my some code that creates the document CLEAR(WordApp); CREATE(WordApp); WordApp.Caption:=‘Navision Koppelbrief Word’; WordDoc:=WordApp.Documents.Add(WordTemplate); WordApp.Visible:=TRUE; WordApp.WindowState := 1; WordDocAct := WordDoc; //After here i use merge function which merges the template en merge data in a new document The probleem is that the created document is blocked by the template. If one document basen on that template is open than is not more possible to create a new document. I hope my english is clear and wating your help.

Sory this is wrong: “The problem is that the created document is blocked by the template.” The real problem is that the Template is blocked by the document

Trie using CREATE(wdApp,TRUE) Good luck Marcel

Thanks Marcel. It is working Abdul

Marcel, this problem has been a long-running headache for us, though it was not too serious. Thank you for the solution. Alastair