How to use Dimensions in Axapta

Hi all,

Can you please help me out how to use dimensions in axapta. I went through the help manual but still i couldnt get the exact use of dimension set , hierarchy, set rules and how to use it.

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Remember that the Dimensions are split in AX, you have financial ones and inventory ones.

These are the financial ones, and the dimension sets help control what users can enter. You could have a whole range of dimensions but some are only relevant in set circumstances, and the sets help control this. It therefore prevents the user picking an irrelevant dimensions, and therefore helps the actual data entry. The hierarchy defines teh available dimensions within the sets, and the rules define what dimension values can be assigned too, for instance journals, ledger accounts.

Hi Satya,

Dimensions in Ax 4.0 is quite sophisticated to mention here in detail. If you are working for a partner, try referring to finance 1 and 2 training manual in Partnersource.


I hit post button way too fast. Another way of learning more about dimensions is to load the default Ax company and learn from there. However IMHO the better alternative is to refer to the training materials mentioned above.

Totally agree.

And you would be puzzled even more that in 5.0 (2009) there will be sites, that will also enable you to slice-and-dice your data according to the sites.

so you have 3 types of dimensions: fin, inv and geographical(sites).