How to size the hardware

Actually we have PeopleSoft running with oracle in an unix eviroment and wnt to move to Navision Attain. My job is designing the new server enviroment. We have a 40Gb database, 60.000 orders/year, 125 users. What I’m looking is a tool or document with guidance to sizing attain.

Who do you work for? An NSC or for a client looking to implement a Navision Attain solution? NSC’s would have accessibilty to such information or they would be able to get hold of it. As a quick guide, RAID configuration and RAM (cache settings) would be the most important issues to address. Besides speaking to your NSC (or if your working for a NSC, speak to your local Navision / MBS reseller), you could try searching the forums on this site! [:D]

Look for w1w1ism.pdf file and Advanced Performace Issues chapter. This file is located in your Navision Attain installation CD. If you haven’t such CD, let me know [;)]