How to set a default date for a date type field in Navision

How to set a default date for a date type field in Navision

In Table designer select field a edit a property named InitValue

Forgive me, Nuno, but I don’t think this is an advisable solution for a date type field. I don’t think that any fixed value makes sense for a date field. Reasonably acceptable values for a date might be current date or work date or any derived date from them.

I don’t know what Manu’s problem exactly is, since she didn’t tell us, but I doubt it can be solved without coding.

You’re right Anna. Using the InitValue is really only advisable for simple fields like Option fields.

It’s much better to “hardcode” a logic into the triggers of the fields/table. Like what you see when you create a new Sales Header record. Here the Order Date etc. are initiated with todays date.

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You probability are right, rush answer .

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