how to pass values from one form to another form in ax 2009

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Suppose i have 2 forms 1)Sales order form 2)Indent process form this two forms are independent forms

i want pass the values from sales order form to indent process form

when i click the button in the sales order form , i want to flow the data from current record from sales order form to indent process form

from sales header 1)sales id

from sales lines 1)Item number 2)Item name 3)Qyty 4)unit 5)Discount 6)Disc pct 7)Net amount 8)site and 9)warehouse

please give steps for this…

thanks in advance

Use a menu item to open the other form. Set DataSource property of the menuitem button to SalesLine (because it has the data you need). In the target form, you’ll find the active SalesLine record in element.args().record().

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Please find the URL’s May be use full to you.

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