how to modify subform record from the main from IF main form not attached with any table

Hi All,

I Don’t attach main form into any table. thatz y itz asking to modify record when I change the item and Lot no. I just create a form without attaching any table. and add two text boxes and two subform controls to that form. Then create two global variables named ItemNo. and LotNo… Then set sourceExpr property of two text boxes. One text box for ItemNo. variable and LotNo. variable for the other text box. after that set TableRelation proporty.

example, I set the TableRelation property of the text box which has ItemNo. as sourceExpr as follows.

TableRelation = Item.“No.”; this will enable me to lookup the Item Numbers.

I do the same thing to other text box also for relation.

after all I set Subform ID property to of two subform controls . One for Item ledger entry and the other one for Warehouse entry.

Next step is to set SubformView property. It is not simple, coz I dont have main table to attach.

so just guide me how can i filter subform record by main form controls[:@]

Thanks in advance