how to insert value?

I have one list form which is a type of subform but does not contain the relation and in which i have one field which gets its value from parent form. i want to store this value(e.g. itemno.,it is showing when i enter data in the subform) when i enter the data in the subform.but it is not getting stored into the database. how to do it?

Dont create multiple posts for same problem

Please explain what you need exactly…

actually i am creating a form which is type of inspection this form in the upper part i get the itemno. and display it from another form.and also i display item description,sample values,etc. but in the bottom part of the form, i need to create a list form type of form for entering inspection this form there is a column,item no. which i am filling it from above.and this being a list form when i enter the others values. and storing this data in a table, the itemno. field is remaining empty.(maybe because i am not typing it).that’s what is my problem to fill the itemno. field in the

How are you filling item no.?

Is there any relation between both forms?

in the form-aftergetcurrentrecord event,

i wrote this code-CurrForm.SUBFRM.FORM.getitemno(itemno);

in the above getitemno is a function which is existing in the subform and which is getting called. i am passing itemno. as a parameter

You want to get the item from subform and show it in Main form?

i want to get the itemno. from mainform into subform table.

Are you assigning itemno to any variable or subform table in getitemno function?

ya, i created one global variable and am assigning to it

If you want it in subform table, you should assign it it to subform table and Modify the record…

yes , how to assign ?

Subformtable.SETRANGE(); \ Relation between mainform and subform

Subformtable.“Item No.” := MainFormTable.“Item No.”;


You dont know how to assign variables?

better to read basic technical documents like w1w1adg.pdf

i mean in which event of subform we have to write the assign statements.


I second this. If you don’t know, try different things until you figure it out. Or read up on the software. Don’t expect someone to tell you step by step, command for command, how to do it. The whole point is to figure out as much of it for yourself as you can. Then come back and ask questions when you get stuck.