how to give different range from different companies to ax report?

Hello guys,

in ax 2012 ,I have a report and I am trying to give diffrent ranges for different companies,usually I was using table’s range to give range to report but they want;

A is company and They should see 1 on the mainaccount’s fieldon dialog page

B is company and They should see 2 on the mainaccount’s field on dialog page

do you guys have any suggestion

Are you using MainAccount table in your query? On what basis you are saying that 1 belongs to company and 2 belongs to B?

The main accounts are shared across the company (they are not company specific), so you see them across all the companies.

hello kranthi,
I want to use diffenet values range for same report in different companies,no actually it is not mainaccounttable i just wrote for example…

What issue do you have with that? Please provide more details.

they want the filter the report by different ranges on different companies,ı have range on my repor’s database and its 1,and locked value but they want 2 for company A and 1 for company B but also they are in the same company they use comman aot,workspace,so if i change the Company’s a value b is changing also.So I should do crosscompany for the report but I do not know how to use it.i have a A and B company ,they are using some report but they should have different range .

I don’t see any requirement of cross company here. You may need to dynamically set the range value (via code) as per the company.