How to get file from Azure Blob storage and import it into D365 F&O through Data management

I have requirement that I have data file in Azure Blob storage and I have to import into D365 F&O through data management framework and it is recurring job
is it possible to import it by creating recurring data job in D365 F&O?
If yes, and there is direct ay to read the file from azure blob storage, please suggest any document
I found below doc

I have gone through some other articles where we can do this by logic app or integration scheduler app.

But here I want to know is there there direct ay to import…
Thanks in Advance…

The usual way is calling one of document management APIs from Azure - that’s the purpose of these APIs. You can use a Logic App, for example.
If you insist, you can ignore the APIs and write your own batch downloading data from Azure, but then it’s all on yourself.

Hello Martin,

Thanks for clarification.
Can I have any sample X++ code to read/download file from azure blob storage and import into D365 through DMF?
Please suggest if any example…

Do you mean downloading a content of a file from Azure blob storage?
You need to use Azure storage API for that purpose, such as CloudBlockBlob class.
For example:

using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.Blob;


CloudBlockBlob blob = new CloudBlockBlob(...);

using (var dataStream = new System.IO.MemoryStream())
	blob.DownloadToStream(dataStream, null, null, null);

Hi Martin Thanks for the help

You’re welcome.
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