how to enable and disable action pane buttons based on one button

in my form 2 buttons (in transaction form )

1 is post , 2 button is transaction

if it is posted transaction button should be enable

if it is not posted transaction button should be disabled

any one help me the syntax for this code where i need to write the logic

Do you have a field that is used to identity that it has been posted? If so use that to enable or disable the transaction button?
Set the auto declaration property of the button control to Yes. In the active method of the data source use that control.
Example : If transactions is your button name. transactions.enabled(table.Posted). Posted is the field the used to identify it has been posted.
BTW, what is your form template? Are you using any interaction class?

No interaction class ,form name is inventjournalCount it is lines form header level form is inventjournaltable in this form posted check box is there based on this condition we need to enable and disable the button , iam trying the data is not showing

Look at enableButtonsActive method in that form. You need to have similar logic in that method, bus based on the posted field.

What does that mean?