Disable or enable button on form

Hello, i’ve got a problem. I need to disable or enable “activity” of button depend of statement. This form is based on Interaction class. But i don’t know how i can find exactly this button which i want to turn off. Can you help me? Should i find some information in properties in form or where?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You mentioned an interaction class, therefore I assume you mean a list page in AX 2012. In that case, look at How to: Enable and Disable an Action Pane Button on a List Page [AX 2012].

Next time, please attach a tag with your version of AX (e.g. AX 2012).

You can use formControlStr to access and enable/disable. Have a look at existing interaction classes.
Example : SalesTableInteraction

Hi Cranberry,

As Martin sir and kranti sir told kindly refere the standard class i.e. CustTableInteraction which is related to CustTableListPage form. From there you will exactly get to know how to enable and disable the button.