how to display ageing account recivable and customer statement in one report

can any one tell me how i display aging account receivable report to customer statement account report in one report please if any one have fob file or sample or explain to me how he added

please send to me



I dont think you can call another report from a report itself. One thing you can do, Create one new report with two separate set of data item. like sales order and vendor list some thing like that. Or give an integer data item and call it in the end using the property in curreport in the integer dataitem.

thanks for reply but what i need to add ageing account recivable to every customer to the end of customer statement report how i added please if you have any sample report or fob file please send to me



Take the base report. Which report you want as base? may be customer List (Specify in next post the report id or exact name) change the property to 1 rec per page

create the second Data item set as same as the Aged Accounts Receivable(120) . Write CurrReport.NEWPAGE this will help you to but the second set (ie aged account) in the second page. But there is an issue, Regarding this only one customer can be shown at a time. Other wise if to run the report without any filter for customer the report will show all the customers and then it will start with each aged account report. So only one customer at a time you can show (you must write the code to set the filter Customer - OnPreDataItem() to get the second set to work according the first set.)

The second way is linking both the data set with common data item Like customer. Then it will work fine[;)]

yes you understand what i need but i don’t understand what you write I need two report display in one report base report what i need is (104 detail trial balance) and secondary report is (120 aged account receivable) according to Cronus how i display aged account receivable under detail trial balance i need according to this shape

detail trial balance(first)

aged account receivable(second)

please help me



I made a report for you. Its id is 60200 import it to your DB and try to modify it as your requirement. Its not from Chronus demo Db.

ZZZ how can i send the objects to you??. no option for attaching. Give your personal mail address.

Send me your personal email address so i will send it to you.

Got it check the attachment.[H]
Two reports combined 60200.fob (274 KB)

after i import this report it cannot run or design in report to modify it the message display you don’t have permission to read customer detail trial balance please contact system administrator

my email is

I import to my database not Cronus my license permitting to me create report from 50000 to 50099 may be this proplem i don’t know the reason

can you send to me report but with another id between range from 50000 to 50099

I will send you one text file also open it modify the ID to 50000 series and import it to your db

Two reports combined 60200.txt (274 KB)