Report Customer statement balance

Hi guys,

I need help in customer statement balance report.

I have a range of customer example (C001 - C010)

When report is generated (C001 - C010) will be in 1 report which it will appear in different pages.

How could I make each customer to appear in different report screen? for example I got 10 customers and it will appear 10 ax report.

Can this be done?

If yes how could I code it?

Thanks in advance.



You need code “element.reset” at the start of each new customer account.

This will reset the report element and fire a new page for each new account.

This code will be written in the fetch() method of the report.

Bro thx for your prompt reply.

Will try it!

Thank You Very Much! [:)]

Its working! TY TY TY! [Y]

You are most welcome, happy to help [:)]