How to create the balanceheet in ax5.0

Dear ax professionals,

I have one doubt.can any body tell me…

how to create the balance sheet.

how to setup balance sheet in ax 2009

please clarify the step by step…

after creating the balance sheet how it will be open

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You need to make use of the Financial statement ( GL → setup → Financial statement)

hi kranthi …

Thanks for giving the reply…if you don’t mind

can you tell me the briefly please

step by step

Thanks and regards

Hi Venkatesh,

Balance sheet can be created in AX using financial statement.

FS consists of mainly two sections, Collumn defination and row defination.

Collumn defination will create different collumns, say 2011 and 2012 for showing balance deteils for respective years.

Row defination, being more important, is used to combine different ledgersaccording to requirement.

To run the report, go to Gl, Reports, Transaction, Financial statement.

Select the appropiate row and collum defination and run the report.