How to close PO or outstanding PO

Hi NAV Expert

Please advice how to close PO or to update outstanding PO in order get out of the list?

As by default Navision doesn’t provide any functionality like closing of PO

Lets add one field as Close PO (Boolean) on Purchase header and write a code to modify it and then filiter out those record from list


You can Archive those PO and filter it out from List .


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Hi NAV Expert

I need your advice to sort out the issue. Please help.

You have Add one field in Purchase Header Table and Purchase Line Table as ‘Close PO’

Then Add Menu Option on Purchase Order Form as Closel PO and Write Following code on OnPushTrigger

“Close PO” :=TRUE;



recPurLine.SETRANGE(recPurLine.“Document Type”,“Document Type”);

recPurLine.SETRANGE(recPurLine.“Document No.”,“No.”);

IF recPurLine.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN


recPurLine.“Close PO” :=TRUE;


UNTIL recPurLine.NEXT=0;


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The standard product does not have the feature that you are looking for.

In order to get rid of PO with outstanding quantities, you can post the PO completely and the post a Return order with exact cost reversing. to adjust the quanitity & value.


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Hi Amol,

We tried your suggestion. When we compiled and save the changes it will ask

there must be := assignment.

Example MyVar := … 100+10

Also In C\L Globals we type Cancel PO what datatype are we going to use like boolean, text, form etc?


Cancel PO will be you field in Purchase Header & Line Table and not a variable

Data type will be Boolean

Check the code where you are assigning the value to variable

Hi Amol,

I already changed the data type to Boolean. It says "Type conversion is not possible because one of the operators contain an invalid type.

Integer := Boolean"


After I specified INIT in Global C/AL symbols. It says, "You have specified an unknown variable.


Define the variable under ‘Global C/AL symbols’.

Again I am reapeating

Add one Field as ‘Cancel PO’ with Data type Boolean in Purchase Header Table

Then Write above code

and INIT can be used with Record Variable

Hope this resolve ur problem.

Let’s start again this post has taken some tangents.

You want to closed a po. Forst we need to know whay these po’s aren’t being closed.

Is it that you didn’t receive an invoice from the vendor and it’s been a year?

Is it because not all the items have been received and the backorder isn’t coming?