Deleting a PO


I’m having trouble deleting POs. I’ve looked through the archives, but most of those seem to be about deleting recieved or invoiced POs. I cannot seem to find anything in the help guide either.

I need clear, step by step instructions on how to delete an unsent, uninvoiced PO for NAV 5.0


You want to delete PO which is not received and Invoiced?

Did you try F4?

What problem are you facing?

I have tried F4, yes. Nothing happens.

Basically, there are some POs that are blank, or were mistakenly created and are no longer required. We don’t need to change them or use them; we need to delete them.

Navision Help is NOT helping. How do I delete the POs?

May be some one has set deleteAllowed to No…

Otherwise it should delete with F4…

sighs That must be it. Fracking IT guys. :smiley:

Thanks for the help Mohana!