How to apply Misc Charges

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please anybody guide me about Misc Charges process that how to apply them and what options used for which purpose



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There are several options on how to do this, but 1st the basics and apply a charge manually on either a sales or purchase order, setup is the same in both.

Sales ledger > Setup > Charges > Charges code > at a minimum, create a code, desciption, debt / credit (simple example below)0083.charges code.gif

In the sales order form, for example, on the action pane click SELL then click charges … you should now be able to find the charge code(s) and manually key in a charges value / amount that needs to be added to the sales order. You can see this value when you view the ‘TOTALS’ prior to invoice.

You can now consider whether these charge codes need to be charged to all customers, a group of customers, or individual customers, and indeed all items, a group of items or individual items. You do this by firstly thinking about what it is you want to apply charges to and what for. Then if need be create customer charges groups (assign to customers) and item charges groups (assign to items) … You can now consider having this charges auotmatically added to the sales / purchase orders with fixed values and with a combination of customers / items. …The set up is reasonable straight forward and easy to follow, all under setup > charges in the sales and purchase forms.

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Misc.Charges can be applied in multiple ways. Like we can do it at individual item, item group, customer, customer group, vendor, vendor group, sales order level, purchase order level. it depends on the requirement. you can give manual way & as well as automatic (percentage,fixed,pcs and intercompany ). if you want to give MC in manual way in PO… here we can give MC in 2 ways again, at header lever & lines level. … In AX 2009, Goto PO, click setup > select MC> in MC form, give MC code & amount how much you want to give. that amount will be shown in invoice.

As i said earlier MC can we applied to individual item, item group … item group means Item misc.charge group. sorry for writing it as item group.

One more thing, we can check MC amount is got applied or not in PO by selecting Inquiries>TOTAL … here in total we can see MC amount.

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I had tried your way for misc charges but it doesn’t work.I had entered all details but when i check in TOTALS it shows misc charges as null.Is there any issue of permissions?

please guide me


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what is the difference between Header level and Line level ?

Can you explain with an example ?

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Did you invoiced the PO? if you did, in Invoice doc you can see it at bottom… Misc.Charge. … Once the PO gets invoiced you can not see it in TOTAL. You can see that in Invoice form… Click on Inquiries> Invoice > In the Invoice journal form > click on Preview/Print > select copy or Original preview… there in that form you can see Misc.Charges at the Bottom.

if did not invoiced PO, then you can select Inquiries> Totals … here in the Totals form, you can see clearly about the Misc.charge amount.

Check & let me know.

We can apply Misc.Charges at Header level in PO and at Lines level in PO. If we apply Misc.Charges at Header level (Setup button> Misc.Charges) it will be applied at vendor level. If we apply Misc.Charges at Lines Level (Setup button> Misc.charges), it will be applicable on item. But Total Misc.Charge amount will be shown in the invoice. E.q: if we mentioned 3% Misc.charge at header and 2% Misc.charge at lines then it will be 5%… if invoice amount is 81000… then Misc.charge will be done like 81000@5% = 4050… this 4050 amount we can see it in Invoice at bottom.

I didn’t invoice and seeing in TOTALS but it shows null

Category: Fixed

Amount: 300

Both check boxes checked

Shipment Charges in details

Did you configured Misc.Charge code ? (AP>Setup>Misc.Charges> Misc.Charge code) ???

Did you mentioned MC amount correctly in PO ? PO > Setup button> Misc.Charges. … here in the Misc.Charge form, you need to mention MC code & Category (Like fixed,%, pcs) > Save it.

Come back to PO > (In PO)Click on Inquiries button > select Total. In Total form, you can see Misc.Charge amount which you have mentioned in Misc.Charge form.

Check once your setups

I had made two PO.

1- code and category is mentioned correctly.amount is also ok.everything is fine but no result.i save the setting.than go to inquiries>totals but it shows only full amount not misc charges

same in the second invoice

What ever steps i’ve told you earlier, those are the exact steps.

If you don’t mind can you tell me the process how you did and what all the setups you did? Some times you says Invoiced & some time you said its not invoiced.

Can you please let me know the steps which you have fallowed in order to full fill your requirement

Ok sorry my mistake in explanation.

Firstly I generated a PO and enter lines in it.

In Lower pane click setup>misc charges>and enter all steps you said

Than in upper pane click inquiries>totals ,but it dont show the misc charges.

the status of PO is remain open.

Hi Sarathy

Thanks for all your assistance you gave me. I was missing item sales tax group. Now it is fine.

thanks again.hope you will be helpful for me in future



Did you selected the parameters of Misc.Charges at AP and AR or not ? Please check the Parameters.

AP > Setup> Parameters> Price (Tab) > Select 2 Check boxes of > Find Main Misc.Charge and Find Misc.Charge for line.

AR > Setup> Parameters> Price (Tab) > Select 2 Check boxes of > Find Main Misc.Charge and Find Misc.Charge for line.

Now you do rest all the settings of Misc.Charges which i have posted in earlier.

I hope it will resolve your issue.

Thanks Sarathy

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Which discount your talking about ?

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Check it once.