How to add watermark on AX 2012 Report (not the SSRS)

How can i add watermark on AX 2012 Report (not the SSRS) ? What section will i put the image?

Reports in AX 2012 are based on SSRS.

If you have a MorphX report in AX 2012, it probably means that you haven’t finished code upgrade from an older version of AX. Please upgrade the application.

If you’re using another reporting framework, you’ll have to tell us about it. We can’t read your mind.

How about adding Watermark on the Report created in AOT? not the report made in visual Studio. Is there a way to put watermark?

MorphX reports are not supported in AX 2012; they exist in AOT only to allow you to upgrade your old reports to the current reporting framework. Use SSRS.