Rich Text or Html feild in AX


Is it possible to add a memo with Rich text or Html.

And that field should appear in report with the same format.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Shijith,

welcome to DUG. Please always mention your version of AX - there are significant differences between versions. Adding a right tag to your question is an easy way.

When you’re asking about reports, please tell us whether you mean MorphX or SSRS reports. If somebody tells you how to do something in SSRS reports, you won’t be able to apply it to a MorphX report and vice versa.

The good news it that you can use HTML controls in AX forms. Let’s discuss reports when we know the kind of reports in question.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I am new to DUG and thanks for your suggestions.

We are using Dynamics AX 2012 R2. In the kernel version 6.2.1000.4051 & App Version 6.2.1000.4051.

Users like to have a memo field under Projects >> Work Breakdown Structure >> Task.

Users have to copy paste from pdf [including text and pictures] to the memo field ie both formatted text and picture together like rtf or html as content. Latter in a report we have to show the memo content.

Sir, How to implement this scenario in AX.



AX supports HTML control for forms. HTML controls are supported by SSRS as well, although IMG isn’t among supported tags.

Consider attaching the PDF file instead of converting it to HTML.


Thanks Martin for your suggestions.

We are in ship repairing industry and in the process of implementing AX 2012. We where getting documents from our clients containing technical details of the work to be done.And we have to copy paste this info from those documents to our job instruction form. We like to generate the job instruction print out from AX. Also while job execution our technical writers will go and amendment the description and we like to highlight the changes they are making using another font or background color.

Is it possible to achieve this? I thought we could use either HTML or RTF memo field.



Everything is possible with a certain amount of development; the question is what’s the easiest way.

Now you’re basically asking for an HTML editor (“using another font or background color” etc.). You’re lucky - it is supported in AX. Go to Organization administration > Setup > E-mail templates, choose/create a template with Layout = HTML and press the E-mail message button to see the editor in action.

I think you’ll have to render HTML to something else for printing.