How to add a new Field in Workflow condition

Hi ,

when am setting a condition in my is not showing all fields how to add a new field in that.suppose i want workflow based on amount <0 .but on my case amount field is not showing but amount field is there in my table level.


did u got the solution?

if yes, please reply us with the solution.


click on edit condition and select to the particular table like as Amount as u as per ur condition and set the value <=0 or whatever. if you dont get the Amount field close the workflow then again modify the repeat step above…

Hope you will get your result.


Atul Kumar

Hi Naresh,

did u get the solution.i am facing the same problem.

please help me.



The field needs to be added to the query used by the workflow document (e.g. LedgerJournalWFApprovals query for the workflow in question).