How does Inventory Valuation WIP report work?

Hi, All When I run Inventory Valuation WIP report, I found all of the Finished Production Order are shown. Finished Production Order should not be considered as WIP, right? Even after I post invoices for the components, these Finished Production Order are still there. Anyone can explain how this report works? And what is the meaning of WIP in Navision. I am using 3.70. Thanks in advance.

Hi You have a filter to include the finished reports - why not just run it for released orders as these will be the ones incurring WIP? The help states:


This report displays inventory valuation for selected production orders in your WIP inventory. It also shows information about the value of consumption, capacity usage and output in WIP. The printed report only shows invoiced amounts, that is, the cost of entries that have been posted as invoiced. Before you run this report, you should run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job. If you do this, the values shown in the WIP inventory valuation report will be up-to-date.

In mine the finished orders had no WIP value in the “as of” column, only reporting output and consumption etc.