WIP Inventory Valuation

Hi, In my Inventory Valuation - WIP report, even finished orders of previous years are appearing. I did not specify a filter under Status (i.e. Simulated, Planned, Firm Planned, Released or Finished). What is the correct filter to use WIP valuation? I should use the current period as starting and ending dates? Can someone help? Oliver

Hi Oliver, did you ever run the periodic activity Adjust Cost - Item Entries? it is necessary to caculate the value of finished production order and move it from WIP to Inventory value. Elena

Yes, I always run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries. When I run the Inventory Valuation - WIP report with the Status = Released, I get a smaller value when compared to the cost posted to GL. It seems the costs in GL includes Finished Orders which shows up when I run the report without any filtering of status. Maybe somene can help me with how I can identify whether the problem is only with the report or even the GL setup/posting already has a problem?

Hi, Inventory Valuation went through many changes (3.10, 3.60, 3.70 and 4.0). These changes included basic approach changes and some fixes. I would recommend you ask your partner if you have all the fixes in your database. There is a lot of documentation available at PartnerSource (its partner confidential).

Hi there… I know that we are running with FIFO for the costing method…and this makes our WIP very interesting to deal with. What happens is that although production is finished and adjust cost is run…if there are open PO invoices against that item or any of it’s components on the BOM…it will remain in WIP. It does not move until those open POs for materials are invoiced and adj cost is run.