How do i trace the transaction(invoice or credit memo)created and modify by which user?

Dear Sir,

Please advise me on how I can trace who has created and modify the invoice or credit Memo.


Take a look at the Change Log feature. It is a user-configurable tool that allows for various types of data edits to be logged for review. You’ll want to study the documentation well, create and test setups in an development (non-production) database before applying the setup changes to your production database. One thing to keep in mind is that this tool can generate data at an alarming rate, so you’ll need to balance your thirst for data with your need to maintain system performance and drive space.

Once you’ve gotten into it, if you have specific questions, please post and we’ll do our best to help.

Or you can also refer to G/L Register table, which stores the User ID of every ledger transaction.

Hi Daniele,

The user created the invoice and sales memo did not post It.

It did not go through the proper warehouse system and so.