How demo data import, links records in tables on the basis of RefRecId??

Hi All,

I am little curious to understand that, when we import demo data in any comany, how Ax import RefRecid in tables, when the related RECID is created runtime by kernel.

For ex. when we import demo data for Customer, how the data in tables like Address > AddrRecId, moves, on the basis of recid of custTable or DirPartyTable?

Thanks in advance

Hi MAnish

The way it works is that if you have i.e. CUstTable and Address in the same import definiton group, when you import it will take the recid and the refRecId from the import file and put those references into a temp table, then when the records are inserted it will resolve the references from the temp table and assign the refRecId in Address based on that.

Sometimes it doesnt work as intended though, but most times it does.