Data Import Issues


I am trying to import master data to a new company. However, I encounter errors during import and yet I don’t know the exact reason for causing this error.

These are what I have done during data import:

  1. Export master data from existing company.

  2. Create a new company. Import the master data into the new company.

Then errors similar like this would appear for certain tables:

Product groups

  • Cannot create a record in TmpRecIdMap (TmpRecIdMap). The record already exists.

Location parameters

  • Cannot create a record in TmpRecIdMap (TmpRecIdMap). The record already exists.

When I did checking on the tables with error, I found that either the table is empty (no data is inserted) or the table have records but with certain records line missing (e.g total 20 records but only 15 records is inserted into the table).

Does anyone know why? Please advice.

Thank you


I am experiencing the same problem on my systems (axapta 3.0 sp4 and sp6). The only solution I have found is to import without using record id reservation. In this case all record ids will be created during import process, but unfortunately the RefRecId fields will stay untouched, which causes inconsistency (for example addresses will not be linked to the correct vendor or customer anymore). I am still looking forward to a solution without assigning new recids.