HI There


I recently came across this site, i must say, this site is really good:) so thought i will also become a member:)

i am developer in Microsoft Dynamic Navision.

Looking foward to GIVE and GET help from you all:) thank you:)

welcome on aboard:) this site has helped me a lot:) hope it does the same to yo:) Al the best.

Hello Ms lang,

First a welcome to the user group. I you will enjoy your time here.

But it would be nice to know a little more about our members, like where you’re from and how long you have been working with Navision.

Hi erik,

it has just been a few months since i got myself involued in nav, i am basically an Software person(c++,c,java,.net) .i found it really fascinating, so i stuck with it.

Welcome aboard Ms. Lang.

thanks:) lovejazz:)