Help creating labels dynamically using a table in AX2012 and SSRS


Sorry if this seems stup.d, but I’m a newbie to AX devopment, I’m using AX2012, SSRS and VS2010.

I want to create dynamically some labels, all data comes from a table in AX named, PanelProdLabel

ItemId UserId PanelName Product Barcode

00123 lars New Front 7777 99999

00124 jim Back Door 5464 66666

00125 luc Right Mirror 8989 55555

The fields on the label should be arragend like this:


Panel: Product

Salesperson: UserId


Now I can query the database and print 1 label in a SSRS report at a time, because after print is done the table record is deleted.

I need to print multiple labels in on single sheet of paper according to the records in the above table, not just one at a time.

Can you please show me with some code in AX ? or what would be the best way to acomplish this?

Thanks for your urgent help

Solved it with good old fashion C# programmimg.