Create a report for giving Top 10 Customers by sales

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Just have a look at the standard report Report Id 111- Customer - Top 10 List

i have gone through the report(111) what you have mentioned above

but in that we have two data items



but my requirement is by using with one data item (customer)

my requirement is ("Create a report for giving Top 10 Customers by sales")

i don’t need the total of all sales ,i need only top 10 sales of a customer by using customer table(along with any any two fields from the customer table)

i have worked through the code as below mentioned (customercount(integer varible))

//customer - OnPreDataItem()


//customer - OnAfterGetRecord()

CustomerCount:=CustomerCount + 1;

//customer - OnPostDataItem()

IF CustomerCount = 11 THEN


Standard report gives shows both Sales and Balance too. It doesn’t matter it is using Two data items . You need to understand what is the use of Integer dataitems

You can create your own report by taking reference of above report.