Grouping in classic reports

Hi everyone,
I used to do NAV reports in RTC but not in classic
I have to do a classic report based on table 17 (G/L Entry) where I have to group the entries by Document No. : For each document No. I have to put the entries related to that No. and then the total amount for it.and at the end of the report I have to put the general total.
I am stuck in the grouping part.What shall I do in the layout?
Thanks in advance :)

Select the dataitem G/L Entry and click properties there you will see a property called GroupTotalFields

Dear Poppins,

As you have taken the data item G/L Entry, check its property now. You will have GroupTotalFields as Mohana suggested. You need to put Document no. here as you want to group the data by Document No. ! By doing this, you will find group header and group footer in the section. Now put the value at the places same as you do in table-group header and group footer in RDLC reports.

If you want to have the total at the end of the report (Suppose of Amount), in the same properties window you can put Amount in TotalFields property.


Gaurav Singh