grouping in report

Hello all,

I am about to design a new report.
And can I use grouping in reports. What I want to do is grouping the items and the decimal(amount) part would be the sum.
Is it ever possible? #-o

Any ideas appreciated,


Yes, You can use Grouping in reports.

If you are designing report using Wizards, then you will get an options to group data by fields where you can select on what basis you want to group data.

or in dataitem >> Properties, define the following fields:

TotalFields and GroupTotalFields.

I recommend reading about GroupHeader and GroupFooter section in “Application Designer’s Guide”, clear your concepts related to Reports.

Hi there,

Yes, I have found the way to group. However, there is a sorting problem.

In G/L Entry I’d wanted to sort by date and group by Document No. But if one achieves other one crushes. Can you give me solution for that.


Hi Amaraa,

Do you want to sort by date first and then by document no. or vice versa ?

If Date → Document No. then you will need to add a key otherwise use the key “Document No.,Posting Date” and group by document no.