Good companies in India to work in Axapta

Hi All,

started this post, to rank companies those are working in Axapta.

Dont mention, in which company are you working, now.

I heard a lot abt “Tectura”.

I consider it as top company to work with in Axapta in India, whether it is standard of coding, projects undertaken, employee satisfaction.

I am not working in this, but heard a lot abt that from other frnds.

What u say…

angooron ka shahar :slight_smile:

india, Noida, i actually mean Grape City [6]

i am sure their is a story behind it!!


HI there,

I work for Tectura in the US. I know we have an office in Noida and I have worked with many of our colleagues there. I can’t speak to any of the other partners but I do know that employees in Tectura India have opportunities to work in North America - sometimes for extended periods of time.

I know one of the managers over there and personally attest: there is no one better to work for.

Good luck in your search.


I also heared that Tectura is one of best company in INDIA for Dynamics AX technology. they did lot of implementation project for many clients.

Grass is always greener on other side…



is MIcrosoft Dynamics have nice Future

we have to be master at what we do, then we have better future rather chasing for better technologies.

yes ax has future.