Axapta using compaines name

Dear All,

please any body list out the compaines which is using microsoft dynamics ax as a erp product at Hyderabad,Pune,Cheenai,Bangalore.

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hi rajesh

for axapta : TecTura is good company in india , but it is delhi ncr

banglore :pwc

hyderabad::very few



Srikanth - Using as a solution, not reselling.

Pretty sure no one will give this information out, you need to speak to Microsoft in India depending upon “why” you need this information.

Hi Rajesh,

In pune there are 3-4 companies r there: Columbus-it, drivage…


Hi all,

Can any one tell me the list of companies have openings in AX

Hi Rajesh,

What do you need this list for?

Personally I would love such a list, and I guess that everybody trying to sell Dynamics or services related to Dynamics would love such a list too! But I don’t think you will find such a list of companies using Microsoft Dynamics. Partners yes, but not end-users.