General Ledger Cube, missing LedgerDimension field in BucgetTransactionCube


I am trying to create a Pivot table in excel using the LedgerCube from Ledger budget, which is part of the standard cubes in AX2012.

Ledger Budget holds the 2 measure fields - BudTransactionCube.TransactionCurrencyAmount and AccountingCurrencyAmount, which is ok,

but I need to filter on the LedgerDimension (recId from DimensionAttributeValueCombination) - to filter on a special combination.

Now, as far as I can see the LedgerDimension should be included in the cube as it has the AnalysisUsage: Attribute - but in Excel

building the Pivot table - I cant see the field.

See attachment.

Any suggestions


Jesper GeneralLedgerCube.docx (138 KB)