Creating SQL query to extract general ledger data by different dimensions Ax 2009

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a general ledger cube in a third party BI tool from the dynamics AX ERP system of our client.

I’m trying to create a SQL query to extract the required information.

I’m given to understand that posting level GL data in AX is stored in the LedgerTrans table.

However, I want this data be qualified by different dimension.

Any clue which table(s) should I query on to get the data.

Here’s the output table structure I need. Let’s say the data is qualified by 4 dimensions, GL account, Region, Cost Center, Product. I want something like this:

GL Account Trans. time Region Cost Center Product Credit Debit

123234 10 am 20 Aug East 3333 Soap 0 $ 200

454234 10 am 23 Aug South 3383 Soap 0 $ 800


The LedgerTrans table has only one column “Dimension”.

I think I might need to join LedgerTrans table with some other table to get data qualified by all the dimensions, else there could be a different table altogether.