Functional help in Work Center Group and Work center

I am working in AX2009, I have assigned work center group to each operation in Route and each work center group has 5 work centers so when I schedule a production orders, every production order is reserved to 1 work center remaining 4 work center is not reserved at all.

I thought all work centers will be equally reserved with different production orders but it is not.

Please advise me to find a way to equally reserve work centers for various production orders.

On the route there is a number of work centres for that operation, it will be set to 1 - set it to 5.


Thanks for your response.

I am aware of that but if we increase the no of WCs to 5 then all 5 will be used for single production orders. I want like first WC should be used for a prod order and second WC should be used for another prod order and so on…(bcoz 1 WC is used for that operation)…

Please advise…

Then you can only achieve that with finite planning, otherwise the first WC always has capacity.