Capacity Planning


AX 4.0

I have single workcentergroup (A) with attached 3 workcenters (B,C,D) in this group. I have defined 3 qty of workcenter in route to allocate the multiple workcenters when we run the master plan. Now when I check the results in plan orders it shows like this

Operation Priority Workcenter Start time End time
10 Primary B 10:00 20:00
10 Primary B 10:00 20:00
10 Primary B 10:00 20:00

Logically instated B Workcenter on the 2nd and 3rd line, it should have to show C and D Workcenter.

I am using Finite capacity.

Can anyone please tell that what setup I am missing to get Workcenter C and D in 2nd and 3rd line.

Can you post a screen shot of your route, and where you have selected finite scheduling? Work centre, master plan, etc. Version 4 is now 10+ years old so seeing it may assist.

Thanks for reply Adam

Yes I have activated finite Capacity on Work center, Master plan and production.

Please check the attached screenshot of the route and generated plan orders.

  1. Route

  1. Plan orders

You need to strip it back - take the load restriction out at 33%, not sure why you have that when it is group scheduling at that level. I cannot see the WCG configuration or the WC configuration, but assuming you have this working in another setup for 4.0 I suggest you review the differences. No access to an AX4.0 system so difficult to advise.

I have check this by updating load100%. but this time I am getting this error " "The referenced work center cannot comply with the work center quantity requirement of the route.
I also have created WCG and WC manually to check the same issue with same setup and it’s working fine.
Now I have the same setup for the old and new WCG & WC but I still have the same problem for the old WCG & WC.

Old data was uploaded (Imported).

You will have to get a developer to debug it, or hope someone on here has access to AX4

Thanks Adam
ok. I will check with developer.


Did you find out the fix for your issue bcoz even I am facing similar issue.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks