FormStringControl does not accept the value

Hello All,

I have created the fields dynamically through FormStringControl class in a grid and fields get generated and displayed successfully on the form but when i try to assign values to the fields , it does not accept any value .

Following is the snapshot for which i am facing an error,

FormStringControl fControl;


fControl = new FormStringControl();

fControl = Grid.addDataField(,fieldnum(tablename,fieldname));




At the last line of code it throws error.

What should i do to assign the values to the field ??

Please help

What error do you get, where do you have the code etc.? It runs with exception for me. It doesn’t work as intended, of course - the field is bound to a field, so the local value is ignored.

You also don’t need the line with FormStringControl’s constructor and I doubt the sense of fcontrol.label(tablename.fieldname).