Unable to Retrive Values in Grid.


I have a form named as SalesQuickQuote. It is a dynamic form where in on click of button you can add few fields in the grid or else it will show static 3 fields in the grid. Right ow i m just working on Simple grid example where we want to display 3 static fields in the grid.

i have grid and drag n drop 3 fields from table into the Grid. Grid datasource etc is properly set. When i run the form then 1 of the 3 static fields values are not displayed in the Grid. Text written in the grid is “unretrieved”.

How can i solve this problem as i am not able to retrive of field value from table into my grid.



Got the solution…

can you just tell me the solution

Hello Naveen,

I was trying to fetch the values from database into the Grid but i was not able to get one of the fields displayed into the grid.

To solve this problem, I made another Datasource and that datasource name i assigned to my grid and fields are drag and drop again into the grid from the datasource. After doing this i complied and as executed the program and i got the values into my grid as per my requirements.



What I am trying to do is retrieve a value from table on a grid field. I am writing the code on initValue() method, and then and there itself assign it to the field.

fieldname (on grid) = table.record;

How to do this ? I am new to AX [:)]